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sinclair credit card knife amazon

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Knife Review : Iain Sinclair “CardSharp 2” [Credit Card Size Folding Knife]

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Iain Sinclair, Ultra thin and credit card gadgets - knives, flashlights Cardsharp2 folding utility knife - size of a credit card Ultra light and super thin with a surgically sharp blade. Video. Info. Share. Add to Cart. £ €17 $ currency conversion is approximate & exact totals may vary. Just three ingenious folding operations turn the card into an elegant pocket utility tool. Less bulky than a pocket knife and as sharp as a scalpel. Cardsharp® is the first real innovation in penknives since the first folding knife, which has been around for over years and is . Credit Card Knife Collection. Congrats to the winners of the Credit Card Knife giveaway. They are: Lukas from California, Samantha from Florida and Jane from Canada. Credit card knives are all the rage these days. The novelty of carrying an incredibly sharp piece of metal in your wallet, just millimeters from your derrière, is fascinating. 3/23/ · 2. Iain Sinclair Cardsharp2 Authentic Credit Card Sized Folding Knife. The Iain Sinclair Cardsharp2 Authentic Credit Card Sized Folding Knife has an edge over the competition thanks to its impressive craftsmanship and smart design. The ultra-thin credit card knife is made with a stiff, polypropylene body, including living hinges. Account Lookup You are the CARD SERVICES ADMIN USER viewing as. Name of Accountholder: Email: Account #. Use it for any Sinclair purchase; Issued and serviced by Sinclair (you never have to deal with a bank or an offshore call center) No revolving line of credit (no interest – you pay your balance in full each month) Apply or Pay Now. If your Sinclair Green Card is lost or stolen, please call Sinclair Credit Card Knife Amazon